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Waterbrick Water Storage Containers x 16




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Portable and Stackable for Easy Grab n Go

Better than Other Bulk Storage Drums or Tanks: WaterBricks stack like bulk storage but are individually easy to move for Grab & Go taking your water where you need it. Compare WaterBrick to typical filled 55 gallon drums or tanks that are impossible to move or take with you if you are forced to leave your home during an emergency. 

Water Brick is Customizable: To Maximize Limited Storage Space. Stack & Store Any Where, Any How You Need: Perfect for small spaces or for those that want to keep their water containers discrete; put them where other containers, drums and tanks can not, or use them to make space you did not have before (a coffee table base like in the above video for example).

 Waterbrick storage 2

Standard Size WaterBrick Features: 
3.5 gallon container
9" Width, 19" Length, 7" Height
Weight Empty - 2.5 pounds

Weight of Standard WaterBrick Containers Filled With:
Water - 27 lbs          
Long Rice - 25 lbs
Pinto Beans - 23 lbs
Sugar - 27 lbs
Salt - 38 lbs
Dog Food - 15 lbs

WaterBrick Water Storage Containers Portable and Easy to Carry

  • 30% Less Carry Weight: Our 3.5 gallon container filled with water weighs 30 pounds. This is 30% less carry weight than a standard 5 gallon container.
  • Comfortable Easy Grip Carrying Handle: Helps distribute the weight on your hand.
  • Easy to Secure in Transit: Cross stack to secure in a car or boat or tie down easily with a bungee cord through the designed hole in container.  

WaterBrick Water Storage Containers Feature:

  • Notched Lid with Full Gasket - allows for an easy to open lid while the heavy duty full gasket provides a tight seal
  • Wide Lid Opening - An average adult can easily reach in for stored contents
  • Carry Handle - Offers easy comfort especially for carrying long distances of foot or heavy loads, handle can also easily detach
  • BPA Free Food Grade Material - Container, lid and gasket are all BPA free and FDA compliant materials for food and water storage. 
  • Container is made from HDPE, lid is made from HDP.  Not to be used for storing fuels or oils.
  • Ultra Violet Protectant - Non-bio degradable 15+ year life
  • Interlocking Male & Female Components - Offers easy stability and stacking while in transit or for storage, along with small footprint for saving storage space.


NOTE: We do not accept any returns on Waterbrick containers except as it relates to defective items. Since WaterBrick containers are food grade containers, we are unable to re-sell them because we do not know the extent to which the product has been used or tampered with and customer safety therefore is our primary concern.

*Cannot ship to PO Boxes.



Customer Reviews

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Love these

Good value. Packaged and shipped perfectly. Great customer service.

James Bryce Wiley
Excellent quality and design.

The waterbrick storage containers are an excellent product. The design is genius, providing a stable and portable solution for water storage and makes it easy to secure the brick to your recreation vehicle, whatever it may be. The volume of water in the brick makes transporting the water manageable and the handles make it easy to carry.

Bill Hendry
Waterbrick purchase

Purchased 16 of these water bricks for our long term water storage. I like that they interlock well. It is a great way to store water and still be portable. The delivery was great and the quality is fantastic. The handles are in the containers during the packaging/shipping process and require just a few seconds to assemble. One can see that some thoughtful engineering went into the handle design. The only negative is that the handles, when not under load, can come back off easily. A little slip cover, or something like that, would slide down over the curved part of the handle where it engages the water container, and resist the handle coming back off when not under a load.

Waterbrick Water Storage Containers x 16

Waterbrick Water Storage Containers x 16