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Waterbrick Water Storage Containers x 10


🌎 Portable & Stackable 🌎 BPA-Free Food Grade Material


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Waterbrick Water Storage Containers x 10: Portable and Stackable Water Storage Solution for Easy Grab n Go

Preparedness meets convenience with the Waterbrick Water Storage Containers – the ultimate solution for secure, portable, and space-efficient water storage. Whether you're gearing up for emergencies, planning outdoor adventures, or simply seeking a reliable storage option, these containers are designed to keep your supplies fresh, organized, and within reach.

Better than Other Containers

Standard Waterbricks can cross-stack and interlock up to an impressive 4 feet high, ensuring stability and safety that other containers simply can't match. While competitors claim to be stackable, many stores warn that their alternatives are prone to toppling over and can't stack more than two containers high. With Waterbricks, you can stack with confidence, knowing your supplies are secure.

Better than Bulk Storage Drums or Tanks

Unlike cumbersome 55-gallon drums or tanks that are virtually immovable, Waterbricks offer the best of both worlds – the stackability of bulk storage combined with the portability of individual containers. When emergencies strike, you can quickly grab and go with your emergency water storage - without the hassle of heavy, immobile drums or tanks.

Water Brick is Customizable

Maximize your limited storage space with Waterbricks' versatile stacking and storage options. Whether you prefer a discreet solution, like using them as a coffee table base, or need to create additional space in tight quarters, Waterbricks adapt to your unique environment. Stack them vertically, horizontally, or in any configuration that suits your needs, making the most of every nook and cranny.

Standard Size Waterbrick Specifications

Feature Value
Capacity 3.5 gallons
Dimensions 9" Width, 19" Length, 7" Height
Empty Weight 2.5 pounds


Storage Capacity

Item Weight
Water 27 lbs
Long Rice 25 lbs
Pinto Beans 23 lbs
Sugar 27 lbs
Salt 38 lbs
Dog Food 15 lbs

Portable and Easy to Carry

  • 30% Less Carry Weight: Our 3.5-gallon container filled with water weighs 30 pounds, a significant 30% less than a standard 5-gallon container, making it easier to transport.
  • Comfortable Easy Grip Carrying Handle: The ergonomic carrying handle helps distribute the weight evenly, reducing strain on your hands.
  • Easy to Secure in Transit: Cross-stack or tie down Waterbricks easily with a bungee cord through the designed hole, ensuring your supplies remain secure during transport.

Feature Highlights

  • Notched Lid with Full Gasket: Easy-to-open lid with a heavy-duty full gasket for an airtight, watertight seal, protecting your contents.
  • Wide Lid Opening: Allows easy access to stored contents, even for larger hands.
  • Detachable Carry Handle: Offers easy comfort, especially for carrying long distances or heavy loads, while the ability to detach the handle maximizes storage space.
  • BPA-Free Food Grade Material: Container, lid, and gasket are BPA-free and FDA compliant for safe food and water storage.
  • Material: Container made from durable HDPE, lid from HDP. Not suitable for storing fuels or oils.
  • UV Protectant: Non-biodegradable material with a 15+ year life, protecting your supplies from UV damage.
  • Interlocking Components: Male and female interlocking components offer easy stability and stacking while in transit or for storage, with a small footprint for saving space.

The Importance of Water Storage and Emergency Preparedness

  • Ensures access to clean, safe drinking water during emergencies or disasters
  • Provides peace of mind and self-sufficiency in uncertain situations
  • Allows for easy storage and transportation of water and dry food supplies

Various Use Cases for Waterbrick Containers

  • Home emergency kits
  • Camping and outdoor adventures
  • Off-grid living
  • Boating and marine activities
  • Storage of dry food items, such as rice, beans, or pet food

Waterbrick Water Storage Containers practical ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are Waterbrick containers BPA-free?
    A: Yes, the container, lid, and gasket are all BPA-free and FDA compliant for safe food and water storage.
  • Q: How high can I stack Waterbrick containers?
    A: Standard Waterbricks can cross-stack and interlock up to an impressive 4 feet high, ensuring stability and safety.
  • Q: Can I store fuels or oils in Waterbrick containers?
    A: No, Waterbrick containers are not suitable for storing fuels or oils. They are designed for water and dry food storage only.
  • Q: How long do Waterbrick containers last? A: Waterbrick containers are made from non-biodegradable material with a UV protectant, giving them a lifespan of 15+ years.

Customer Reviews

"These water storage containers are a game-changer! They're easy to stack, transport, and access when needed. I feel much more prepared for emergencies now." - John D., 5/5 stars
"I love how versatile these containers are. I use them for storing water, rice, and even dog food. They keep everything fresh and organized." -Shawn M., 4/5 stars

With Waterbricks, you can confidently store and transport your water and dry food supplies, knowing they're secure, accessible, and ready for any situation.


NOTE: We do not accept any returns on Waterbrick containers except as it relates to defective items. Since WaterBrick containers are food grade containers, we are unable to re-sell them because we do not know the extent to which the product has been used or tampered with and customer safety therefore is our primary concern.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ruby J Thompson

Easy to store and carry


The perfect water storage in a pinch for survival. Space saver is a plus!


Tough skinned water holders that stack securely. Good investment.

Wayne Haskell

This is the second time we have ordered these, so now have more storage great product.

Wayne Haskell
as advertised

This is the second time we have ordered these, so now have more storage great product.

Waterbrick Water Storage Containers x 10

Waterbrick Water Storage Containers x 10