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ProOne consults with an independent third party certified water testing laboratory offering unbiased analytical testing on the ProOne® G2.0 filters.  The ProOne® G2.0 filter has been tested in accordance with NSF- 42 and 53 standards, and the only “ALL-IN-ONE” CONTAMINANTS & FLUORIDE GRAVITY WATER FILTER that qualifies as a microbiological water purifier by NSF protocol P231.Test results by Envirotek Laboratories, Inc., certified by the state of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection show the ProOne® G2.0 filter removes and/or reduces contaminants including heavy metals, VOC’s, monochloramines, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, Giardia and more without the need of any add-on filters. Even the contaminants that were found in the Toledo and West Virginia water supplies are covered by the ProOne® G2.0 filter. For complete lab report details, please click on the tabs below.
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ProOne® G2.0

NSF - 42&53 Full Test Report

P231 Test Report

Microcystin Test Report

Mineral Report

Emerging Contaminants

Emerging Contaminants Report

Plastic Contaminants Lab Report





Non Metals




PFOA Organic Acids

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ProMax™ Shower Filter Report

ProMax™ Countertop & Under Counter Filter Report

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ProSip Lab Report

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