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ProOne Pre-sediment replacement filter

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🌎 Removes visible particles for clearer, cleaner water 🌎 Effective for various water sources and quality levels 🌎 Ideal for areas with high sediment content in water


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ProOne Pre-sediment Replacement Filter: Safeguard Your Water Filtration System

Enhance the performance and longevity of your ProOne® filtration system with the economical and efficient ProOne Pre-sediment Replacement Filter. Designed for dual countertop and under-counter filter systems, this 5-Micron standard pre-sediment filter is your first line of defense against common water contaminants.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for both countertop and under-counter ProOne® systems
  • Effective Filtration: 5-Micron filtration capacity for comprehensive sediment removal
  • System Protection: Shields your main filtration system from potentially damaging particles
  • Wide Application: Ideal for use with most city or well water sources
  • Cost-Effective: Our most economical pre-sediment filter option

Contaminant Reduction Capabilities:

Contaminant Type Examples
Sediment Dirt, Sand
Debris Small particles, Plant matter
Rust Iron oxide particles
Other Particles >5 Micron in size

Technical Specifications:

  • Filter Type: Pre-sediment replacement filter
  • Filtration Level: 5-Micron
  • Compatibility: ProOne® dual countertop and under-counter systems
  • Water Source Suitability: City water and well water

Benefits of the ProOne Pre-sediment Replacement Filter:

  1. Extended System Life: Protects your main filter from premature clogging and wear
  2. Improved Water Quality: Removes visible particles for clearer, cleaner water
  3. Cost Savings: Economical solution for initial water treatment
  4. Easy Maintenance: Simple replacement process for continued protection
  5. Versatile Application: Effective for various water sources and quality levels

Ideal For:

  • Homes with older plumbing
  • Areas with high sediment content in water
  • Well water users
  • ProOne® filtration system owners
  • Those seeking to maximize their water filter's efficiency

Why Choose the ProOne Pre-sediment Replacement Filter?

Feature Benefit
5-Micron Filtration Captures a wide range of common sediment particles
System Compatibility Designed specifically for ProOne® filtration systems
Economical Design Provides effective pre-filtration at an affordable price
Broad Water Source Compatibility Effective for both city and well water sources


Invest in the longevity and performance of your ProOne® filtration system with the ProOne Pre-sediment Replacement Filter. By effectively removing sediment, debris, and rust particles, this filter ensures that your main filtration system operates at peak efficiency, providing you with cleaner, clearer water. Don't let sediment compromise your water quality – choose the ProOne Pre-sediment Replacement Filter for reliable, cost-effective pre-filtration.

ProOne Pre-sediment replacement filter

ProOne Pre-sediment replacement filter