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ProOne Home Complete

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ProOne Home Complete: The All-Inclusive 4-Stage Compact Water Filtration System

Experience the pinnacle of home water filtration with the ProOne Home Complete system. This next-generation, compact whole house water filtration system combines advanced 4-stage filtration, a pre-sediment filter assembly, and the ProSoft saltless water softener/conditioner to deliver unparalleled water quality and protection for your entire home.

Key Benefits of the ProHomeTM Complete System

  • Removes a broad range of 220+ contaminants, including fluoride, for great-tasting water
  • Includes a scale inhibitor to protect your "plumbed-in" water-using appliances from limescale build-up
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compact in size – overall 3 tank assembly is just 25" x 10" x 28"
  • ElectroChargedTM Sub-micron filter assembly at 7" x 15" for advanced filtration
  • Flowrate rated at 7gpm
  • No electricity required
  • Ideal for residential use in filtering potable municipal or well water
  • Removes contaminants for as little as $0.035 per gallon up to 50,000 gallons

ProHomeTM Complete System Components

Component Description
3 stage/tank configuration with rack The core of the ProHomeTM Complete system
1 stage ElectroChargedTM Sub-micron filter assembly with bracket Advanced sub-micron filtration technology
3/4" push-fit quick connectors For easy installation and maintenance
Additional 3/4" PEX tubing To connect the system components
Pre-sediment filter assembly Removes heavy sediment and particulates, protecting the system and appliances
ProSoft saltless water softener/conditioner Reduces the effects of hard water without the use of salt

    Please note: Professional installation is required for the ProOne Home Complete system.

    Pre-Sediment Filter Assembly

    The ProOne Home Complete includes a pre-sediment filter assembly, a single-stage system designed to remove heavy sediment and particulates such as dirt, rust, sand, silt, and debris. This additional filtration stage helps protect the ProOne Home system and your home water appliances from the potentially damaging effects of sediment build-up. The pre-sediment filter assembly works with both city and well water applications and includes:

    • Heavy-duty housing
    • Non-woven pleat pack 5-micron inline water filter
    • Mounting bracket
    • Wrench for easy removal of sump housing for filter replacement
    • 3/4" port on both inlet and outlet (quick connect fittings available as an option)

    ElectroChargedTM Filter

    The ProOne Home Complete features the ElectroChargedTM Pleated Sub-Micron Water Filter Cartridge as the final stage filter system. This advanced technology provides electroadsorption of a wide range of submicron particulates, resulting in improved filter efficiency and flow rate compared to mechanical pores processes. The silver-infused pleated media of this filter cartridge helps prevent the growth of bacteria, ensuring your water remains clean and safe to drink.

    ProSoft Saltless Water Softener/Conditioner

    The ProSoft saltless water softener/conditioner is an eco-friendly solution to hard water problems. Unlike traditional salt-based water softeners, the ProSoft system uses advanced technology to condition the water without adding any chemicals. This process helps to reduce the buildup of limescale in your plumbing and appliances, extending their lifespan and improving their efficiency.

    Why Choose ProOne Home Complete?

    The ProOne Home Complete system is the ultimate solution for homeowners seeking the highest level of water quality and protection. By combining advanced 4-stage filtration, a pre-sediment filter assembly, and the ProSoft saltless water softener/conditioner, this system ensures that your entire home is supplied with clean, great-tasting water while safeguarding your plumbing and appliances from the damaging effects of contaminants and hard water. Invest in the ProOne Home Complete system today and experience the difference in your home's water quality.

    ProOne Home Complete
    ProOne Home Complete Benefits



    *For well water use, we recommend you test your water for pH, hardness, iron, and bacteria. Well water with an iron level of >.3mg/l may require a water softener system. 

    ProOne Home Complete

    ProOne Home Complete