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Culinary Vault Seeds - 14 Varieties

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🌎 100% Non-GMO, Heirloom, and Open-Pollinated seeds 🌎 Over 6,400 seeds total


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Culinary Vault Seeds - 14 Varieties: Your Gateway to Gourmet Self-Sufficiency

Embark on a journey of culinary delight and self-sustainability with our Culinary Vault Seeds collection. Featuring 14 essential herb varieties, this comprehensive seed vault is your ticket to a thriving kitchen herb garden and long-term food security.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality: 100% Non-GMO, Heirloom, and Open-Pollinated seeds
  • Extensive Variety: 14 culinary herb types, over 6,400 seeds total
  • Long-Term Storage: Resealable mylar packets for extended seed viability
  • High Value: $12,300 estimated crop value
  • Cost-Effective: Average bundled packet price of $3.83
  • Adaptable: Seeds improve with each generation in your garden

Vault Contents:

Herb Variety Quantity Seed Count (Approx.)
Arugula - Slow Bolt 500mg 180
Basil - Genovese 450mg 265
Basil - Lemon 265mg 165
Chives - Common 315mg 115
Cilantro - Coriander 1300mg 100
Dill - Common 250mg 105
Marjoram - Sweet 250mg 1100
Mustard - Southern Giant 3.8g 2000
Oregano - Italian 125mg 1000
Parsley - Dark Green Italian Flat 195mg 240
Pepper - Cayenne 245mg 40
Sage - Broad Leaved 1000mg 105
Savory - Summer 1000mg 1500
Thyme - Common 200mg 355

Seed Longevity:

  • Room Temperature: 3-7 Years
  • Refrigerated: 5-10 Years
  • Frozen (Recommended): 15-25 Years

Why Choose Our Culinary Vault Seeds?

  1. Culinary Diversity: Enhance your dishes with a wide range of fresh herbs
  2. Self-Sufficiency: Grow your own herbs year after year with heirloom seeds
  3. Economic Value: High-yield potential with an estimated crop value of $12,300
  4. Long-Term Food Security: Extended seed viability with proper storage
  5. Medicinal Benefits: Many herbs offer both culinary and health advantages
  6. Complementary to Vegetable Gardens: Perfect addition to any survival or home garden

Invest in your culinary future and food security with our Culinary Vault Seeds collection. Whether you're an avid gardener, a culinary enthusiast, or preparing for long-term sustainability, this comprehensive herb seed vault offers you the means to grow a diverse and flavorful herb garden. With the potential to cover 3,500 sq ft of garden space, you'll have an abundance of fresh herbs for cooking, medicinal use, and even potential income. Don't miss this opportunity to secure your family's herb supply and elevate your culinary creations – order your Culinary Vault Seeds today!

Suitable for USDA Zones 4-9 - What's my zone?

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Culinary herb vault


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Culinary Herb Vault Comparison guide

Disclaimer: Retail Values are calculated based upon optimal expected crop output. Consideration was taken for individual herbs dried expected weight and current retail values per pound. Prices for dried herbs change regularly, Seed Armory does not guarantee production quantities or retail ability of crops.

Growing & Seed Saving Guide

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Our Growing and Seed Saving Guide is packed full of more than 150 pages of helpful information for:

  • Starting Your Garden
  • Growing Tips
  • Culinary Uses
  • Medicinal Uses
  • Harvesting Crops
  • Seed Saving for Next Season

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Growing guide

Where will they grow?

Great as an Indoor Seed Kit, most herbs contained in this vault will do excellent as a window-sill assortment for fresh indoor kitchen herbs.

Our Heirloom Seed Vaults are strategically assembled to include a vast range of USDA Growing Zones.

The Culinary Seed Vault is suitable for USDA Zones 4-9.

From the Desert Southwest to the Plains of Montana, the Culinary Seed Vault will provide quality medicinal crops for your family. Use our Growing & Seed Saving Guide to learn everything you need to know about starting your seeds in your area.

Click the map below to go directly to the USDA website to determine your specific growing zone.

Zone Map USDA
Culinary Vault Seeds - 14 Varieties

Culinary Vault Seeds - 14 Varieties