Which Drip Gravity Water Filtration System is the Best Choice for You?

Water filtration is probably one of the most important items you can have in your home. Having access to safe clean drinking water is one of the biggest problems facing our planet today. Having access to safe clean water, especially during times of disaster or emergency, compounds this problem. Years ago, before “prepping” was even a household word, drip gravity water filtration systems were just being discovered as an ideal solution for emergency preparedness and survival enthusiasts. They are effective, non-electric, easy to use, and portable. Drip gravity water filter systems can easily be used in your home, office, camp, or car and water can be drank from just about any water source: tap, pool, pond, lake, stream or rainwater. They're the most versatile and affordable household emergency water solution available. Now that clean water awareness has become mainstream, it's no wonder the water filtration market has virtually exploded.

The Demand for Drip Gravity Water Filters

Years ago, there only used to be a few choices of drip gravity water filter systems to choose from. They were usually only used for outdoor camps and expeditions. In todays market, the demand for water filtration and especially drip gravity water systems is at an all time high. Water filters and emergency water purifiers have become the number one product on an essentials stock list, even more than food. With the increased demand for portable water filtration, manufacturers saw the opportunity for an emerging market, creating innovative and superior products to the outdated origins of gravity water filtration. Today, the water filtration industry has saturated the internet with so many filters it boggles the mind. Sadly, it has also created overwhelmed and frustrated consumers. Which water filters are the best? What is the difference? Who should I buy from? Every competitor will tell you theirs is the best, even going as far as claiming lab reports in their so called “forensic food lab” only to herd the sheeple to buy their product using deceitful marketing tactics. It's time to sift through all the muddy water filtration claims and crunch the facts.

Propur Versus Berkey Water Filters - Myth vs Fact

What's the real story? Propur was developed out of years of dealing with other companies inferior water filtration systems; namely cheap spigots, defective filters and toxic water residues to name a few. Customers were constantly complaining about defective filters and toxic alumina residue left in the water from post filters. Propur listened, realizing there was an overwhelming demand for a better product. So out of this demand Propur decided to improve upon the water filtration market by creating new and innovative technologies that other competitors lacked. Here's how Propur revolutionized water filtration.

Plastic vs Stainless Steel Spigot - The first of many changes they made was to create a more durable and dependable product. Propur created a solid and dependable stainless steel spigot that comes on all original systems, unlike the cheap plastic competitive brand spigots that were constantly leaking and breaking down, requiring frequent replacement.

Fluoride Removal - Next, Propur revolutionized removing fluoride from the water. Customers no longer needed to buy two sets of filters, one for filtering contaminants and one for reducing fluoride aka post filters. Propur created an all-in-one filter, the ProOne G2.0 hybrid water filter with advanced AquaMetix technology. Propur ProOne G2 water filters use silver impregnated core ceramic technology, coupled with all natural carbon ingredients that create a superior composite water filter that removes both bacteriological pathogens and chemicals. One filter that does the job of two filters: removes contaminants and removes fluoride. Berkey filters require PF-2 reduction elements to reduce fluoride, drastically reducing flow rate and using aluminum in it's media, leaving toxic alumina residue in your water. Berkey's PF-2 filters cost $61, an extra added cost not including the regular filter price, and require changing more frequently, you do the math. The PF-2 reduced flow rate and alumina leakage into the water should make customers question this fluoride removal process. Ask yourself: How can a water filter manufacturer justify putting a known toxic substance of alumina in your water and tell you it's healthy and acceptable in any quantity?

Propur Conditioning vs Berkey Priming - Another issue that Propur improved: Propur ProOne G2 filters do not need priming like the Berkey water filters. Priming is a method that uses water pressure to force water through the filters to saturate them, causing the potential risk of contaminating your filters with untreated water. And good luck finding that water pressure during an emergency or disaster. The Propur ProOne G2 filter elements condition themselves with normal water saturation allowing the flow rate to naturally increase with each water cycle.

Propur Testing and Lab Results - One of the most important factors to consider when investing in a gravity water system is their proof of claim; do they openly show lab reports to prove what they claim? Is their product tested in an independent lab that is EPA certified and tested to NSF protocols? Or is it tested in a non certified retail storefront  “forensic food lab” from a "health ranger" or an apartment prepper blogger? Propur's ProOne G2 filters qualify as a microbiological water purifier by NSF protocol P231, and Propur filters are also tested in accordance to NSF 42 and 52 standards from an EPA state certified independent lab. Propur ProOne G2 filters also raise the pH level of your water to create more alkaline healthier water. Why all the buzz about Propur? Because Propur has now established itself as the new leader in the water purification industry, proving superior water filtration technology to it's competitors inferior and outdated products.

Propur Standard Options & Accessories - Did we forget to mention that all Propur original systems come standard with a non-slip pad for slip free performance for your counter top, as well as durable stainless steel spigots? Propur also offers optional wire stands to elevate your system to make room for pouring a glass of water easier, no hanging your water system off the side of your counter top so you can fit your cup underneath. Most Propur water filtration systems also come with a decorative finish option to compliment your kitchen or decor. And to take the guess work out of wondering what your water level is, the Sight Glass Spigot gives you an easy gauge of your water level without tipping your system to always looks inside.

Propur Offers a Complete Line of Water Filtration Products for Your Home - Propur offers a complete line of water filters to fit your household needs.  The Propur water filtration family includes: drip gravity stainless steel systemsunder counter water filtersshower filtersrefrigerator filters inline filter systems, and whole house filtration systems.  Propur is dedicated to offering the most innovative water filter technology for your home and health.

Warranty - And the ultimate test of time: product warranty. Propur wins hands down. Backed by a two year warranty on their filtration systems, and a one year warranty on their filters (not prorated in six month intervals like other brands) no other manufacturer offers this level of product assurance. And with a 30 day customer satisfaction, it's no wonder Propur is making waves in the water filtration market.

Propur Water Filters - Now There's a Choice

When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of water filtration, we like to provide people with clear information to make their own choice. It's time to clear the muddy waters of questionable advertising and water filter claims. If you're sincere about your families clean water needs, then you want to make sure you have the most reliable product that backs it's claims, is durable and offers the cleanest water possible. Welcome to the real new millennium of clean water tech: Propur Water Filters and Water Systems.