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DEFCON Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit

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DEFCON Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit: The Best EMP Protection for Cars and Trucks

In the modern automotive landscape, vehicles are increasingly dependent on sophisticated electronic systems. These delicate components are susceptible to electromagnetic interference, ranging from everyday transients to the catastrophic effects of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). To address this vulnerability, the DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit has been engineered to provide unparalleled protection for your vehicle's electronic infrastructure.

The DEFCON™ Vehicle, proudly manufactured in the USA, employs cutting-edge metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology to deliver exceptional surge protection capabilities. With an impressive capacity to divert up to 270,000 amps of current, this device establishes a robust barrier against electromagnetic disturbances. When integrated with the rapid-response Transient Reducing Auxiliary Plug (TRAP) products and high-saturation current-damping ferrites, the DEFCON™ Vehicle forms the cornerstone of the industry's most comprehensive EMP auto protection system.

The EMP Vehicle Protection Kit offers a multi-faceted defense for your vehicle's electronic systems. Comprising the T.R.A.P., T.R.A.P.-B, and two Vehicle Ferrites, this kit provides protection against a spectrum of electromagnetic threats, including load changes, lightning strikes, conducted transients, and even an EMP event. By bundling these components, you can ensure optimal protection while benefiting from cost savings.

The consequences of an EMP striking your vehicle can be severe, resulting in stalled engines, damaged control units, and disrupted communication systems. The DEFCON™ Vehicle mitigates these risks by effectively limiting the induced energy that could otherwise compromise your vehicle's electronics. Encased in a weatherproofed housing and constructed with automotive-grade components, the DEFCON™ Vehicle is designed for reliable performance in demanding environments. Its user-friendly installation options further enhance its practicality.

Investing in the DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit is a proactive measure to safeguard your vehicle and its occupants from the dangers of electromagnetic interference. With a 10-year limited lifetime warranty and the ability to provide protection regardless of whether your vehicle is running or not, this kit offers long-term peace of mind and versatility. Don't leave your vehicle's critical systems vulnerable – equip it with the ultimate EMP protection package for the modern age.

Key Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Surge protection capacity: 270,000 amps of current shunting
  • MOV technology for rapid response times and effective mitigation
  • Synergistic protection when combined with TRAP products and ferrites
  • Constructed with high-quality, automotive-grade components for durability
  • Weatherproofed enclosure for reliable performance in various conditions
  • Integrated power-on indicator for real-time protection status monitoring
  • 10-year limited lifetime warranty for long-term reliability and support

Act now to protect your vehicle from the ever-present threat of electromagnetic interference. The DEFCON™ Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit is the best EMP protection solution for cars and trucks, designed for discerning vehicle owners who prioritize the integrity of their electronic systems.

Energy Absorption 5 Joules 5 Joules >2,000 Joules
Surge Current 95 Amps 95 Amps 270,000 Amps
Protection Technology TVS Diode TVS Diode MOV
Turn-on Speed <1 ps typical <1 ps typical < 1 ns typical
Power-on Indicator No No Yes
Installation Plugs in auxiliary receptacle Connects across battery terminals Connects across battery terminal and to chassis, mounts to vehicle frame


DEFCON Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit

DEFCON Vehicle + EMP Vehicle Protection Kit