About Us

Prepared Planet Water Filtration and Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Prepared Planet was grown from years of experience and a passion for healthy self reliant living solutions.  We live the philosophy and belief of knowing you can have peace of mind in troubling times, so that whatever economic uncertainty or disaster may come your way, you know you have the basic tools and supplies to take care of yourself and loved ones in times of need.  Over the last 30+ years we've been searching for the best products to help sustain a healthy sovereign lifestyle.  With that experience, we decided to launch our store in 2006 and were one of only a handful of emergency preparedness sites on the internet at the time.  We were "prepping" long before the word or movement became known.  Along our journey, Prepared Planet launched PropurUSA, innovating and refining water filtration, and combining emergency preparedness supplies all in one store.  With over 30 years combined experience in self reliance, emergency preparedness and water filtration solutions, we continually strive to offer new products and excellent customer service to our customers.  We hope it will give you peace of mind and security in troubling times. We continue searching for the best products so our customers will know they are making the best choice for their future security. Make sure you don't miss out on our exclusive deals for members only by signing up for our bi-monthly newsletter.  We look forward to serving your water filtration and emergency preparedness needs.