Propur ProSip Water Filter Straw

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ProSip water filter straw

ProSip Water Filter Straw

Now you can have clean accessible drinking water where ever you go!  Ideal for purse, travel, camping or emergency bug out bag.  Easily storable and portable. *Can now be used as ProSip Water Bottle Filter replacement.

ProSip Water Filter Straw Features

  • Featuring New Propur™ ECORE Water Purification Technology 
  • Removes: Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum, Hydrogen Sulphide, Arsenic, Cadmium, Barium, Fluoride, Giardia, E.Coli, algae, fungus, scale and sediment. 
  • Anti-bacterial filter media. 
  • Good for 5-8oz. glasses daily up to 4-6 months 
  • BPA free
Now you can take a Propur™ where ever you go!